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Episode Summary[]

Oh boy, I love going to church! Circuses and churches go hand in hand together, right? Yeah. Yeah! The Wandering Three are checking out some of the weird happenings in the sleepy town of Abberton, from murderous druids to rampaging boars... and apparently, there's a weird smell coming from the local bank-church! That sounds promising! Nothing bad has EVER happened in a church. Weird smells, creepy gravediggers and a load of crashing noises... yup, just normal church stuff all around! Bless yourself and get ready to say your prayers, everyone... it's time to put on your Sunday Best and see what's happening in the Church of Goldenlaws!

BEHOLD the amazing translations of the mysterious woman! TASTE the delicious potions during your time of need! RECOIL at the horrific monsters you'll find on your journey!

All this and more in this episode of Dice Will Roll, the Gayest Pathfinder Podcast on the Planet, where we ask the Hard Questions like... how can I tell if someone's been infected by a horrific parasitic entity, or if they just haven't had a cup of mornin' joe yet?

Who'd We Meet?[]

Where'd We Discover?[]

  • Church of the Goldenlaws