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"Anyone can be a member of the sideshow of everyday Marvels. Because it's not it that's special... It's you."'

-The Professor

The Professor is an NPC from Extinction Curse. Taking the role and name of the Circus of Wayward Wonders Professor (the oldest and most experienced performer in a circus), the Professor often acts as a wise leader for the circus folk... something which becomes increasingly important as the adventures of the circus progress.


The Professor is an old, silver haired man with a thin frame and bushy eyebrows. His voice is weak and raspy, damaged by years of fire damage to his throat (which is visible today through old burn marks around his neck). The Professor dresses in a tailcoat with a black cloak around hi shoulders and a kind smile on his face.


The Professor is a playful yet wise figure, happy to play games with people at the circus and run the occasional harmless grift (such as paying a young child to ask the right questions for him to best show off the Sideshow of Everyday Marvels). He's quick to rise to help take control of a situation and put his years of experience to use, such as when he helped to take care of circus' first performance following Myron Stendhal's death. He is also an extremely kind person; disillusioned with the concept of the Freak Show, the Professor organized a show of ordinary people with fantastic tales to uplift the every day and mundane instead of exploiting the different and unusual.


The Professor is an excellent storyteller, weaving narratives on a whim about the member of the Sideshow of Everyday Marvels. He was once a Fire Eater, but years of damage forced him to retire from the art. He is also shown to have some magical aptitude, casting Ghost Sound to amplify his voice when he took on the role of the Ringmaster during the circus' first performance.


At some point before the events of Extinction Curse, The Professor was a member of Mistress Dusklight's Celestial Menagerie, but left due to the cruel circumstances which surrounded the circus. In late 4719 AR, he was invited to rejoin some of his former coworkers in the Circus of Wayward Wonders by Myron Stendhal, and accepted, meeting with them and practicing for a month. During this time, he set up the Sideshow of Everyday Marvels, a sideshow devoted to the idea that anyone can be fantastical, interesting, and extraordinary. However, moments before the show was set to begin, Thunder's body was discovered by Axel, throwing the show into disarray. The Professor and The Wandering Three helped reorganize and help the show continue. The Professor took on the role of the Ringmaster for this performance, using Ghost Sound to boost his damaged voice for the crowd.

The Professor helped where he could during the Wandering Three's investigation of Thunder's murder, and was among the performers wrapped up in a fireside jig by the grigs, Tarisia & Cannono. He witnessed the Wandering Three's battle with Nemmia and her defeat at their hands. The Professor was also present at the campfire that evening when Eriato Bati had her first oracular vision, causing the campfire to blaze like a beacon into the sky before going out altogether.